Google Pixel Repair

Your Google Pixel Device

Your Google Pixel mobile phone is both stylish and innovative, comprising cutting edge Android technology. However, when accidents such as a cracked or broken screen occur, you’ll need to find top quality expertise to carry out repairs.

Smart Tech Repair technicians are fully conversant with all Google Pixel devices. All have many  years of experience in both technology and repairs, and offer a thorough, all-inclusive service. So, whether you need a repair to a damaged screen, a camera repair, or a simple battery replacement, rest assured we have the expertise and parts required to carry out an immediate repair – sometimes even whilst you wait!

Google Pixel Screen Replacements Norwich

Whilst a chipped or broken screen may seem to be a minor inconvenience, we know how quickly these things can escalate. Damaged glass on any Google Pixel phone can easily lead to serious issues which may affect the speed and functionality of your device.

We at Smart Tech Repairs provide prompt solutions to not only replace damaged Google Pixel screens, but also restore your device to full speed. We’ll replace the LCD / digitiser whilst undertaking screen repairs, this guaranteeing that defects such as dead spots or any unusual lines caused by the damage are fully removed.  This service also deals with the common problems associated with screen damage such as touch screens failing to operate at full strength or ‘ghosting.’

Repair Costs

All costs for repairs to your Google Pixel device includes both the parts and their installation. Rest assured that Smart Tech Repairs only use in house reputable technicians with significant experience in communication device repairs. Warranties are also available – details can be found under the ‘Warranties’ section.

Current prices for Google Pixel screen replacements are listed below.   

Please see below for current prices for all Google Pixel screen replacements. We also offer a range of warranties, full details of which can be found under the ‘Warranties’ section.  

Google Pixel Battery Replacement Norwich

The efficiency of any mobile device is reliant upon full battery health. Your Google Pixel phone needs a battery which can sustain the day to day demands put upon it.  We recognise the issues commonly  faced with batteries either losing their charging capacity or failing to last as long as we’d like them to.

Smart Tech Repairs are able to offer on the spot analysis and diagnosis of battery faults and can provide top quality replacement batteries for all Google Pixel phones regardless of model. Don’t let your battery fail at an awkward or inconvenient time. Smart Tech Repairs always carry sufficient replacement stock, and we’ll be happy to provide you with spare Google Pixel batteries.


All previously mentioned, all Smart Tech repairs come with warranties of up to 12 months. All parts used are authentic, top quality and compatible with Google Pixel devices, and all our technicians carry out on the spot diagnostics – often undertaking repairs whilst you wait.

How to Book a Google Pixel Repair

Our comprehensive service includes screen replacements, camera repairs, battery replacement or indeed repairs to any issue you’ll ever have with your Google Pixel device.

We also offer a range of drop off options as follows –

Feel free to bring your Google Pixel device to our Norwich city centre premises.  We’re conveniently situated next door to the British Heart Foundation shop directly opposite the shopping mall.

For an out of hours service, our Cringleford or Thorpe St Andrews drop off locations offer an alternative method of contacting us.

We also operate a mail order facility. Simply send your package to us, and we’ll take care of the repair and return procedure.

With three ways to contact us for Google Pixel repairs, it’s always a simple and straightforward process. Our dedicated staff will always ensure speed, reliability and a cost effective solution to all your repair needs.

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