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Huawei P10
Screen Replacement & Other Repairs

Your Huawei P10 Device  

Smart Tech Repairs understand the importance of having communication tools to rely on. Importantly, smart phones, such as your Huawei device, are now a modern way of life with apps to remind us of meetings, schedules, etc, as well as the more general video and voicemail communication we expect from our phones.

As such, Smart Tech Repairs know that when an accident occurs – your screen becomes chipped or cracked, a charging port needs repair, or a battery loses efficiency – you need a vendor you can immediately turn to. Irrespective of the type of repair needed, we’re likely to have the correct part in stock and our Huawei trained technicians will offer a complete diagnostic and repair service whilst you wait.

Huawei P10 Screen Replacement Norwich

Chipped, broken or damaged screens are liable to result in poor functionality of your device. We go one step further with our repairs. By replacing the digitiser, or both the LCD and digitiser (depending on device model) whilst we carry out our screen repair, guarantees that problems such as dead spots or unusual lines caused by damaged glass are immediately eliminated.

All parts used are top quality, authentic components, meaning our comprehensive screen replacement service is able to restore your Huawei P10 phone to full health. Rest assured that all issues linked to your damaged screen – ‘ghosting’ or touch screens failing to operate, for example –  will be both identified and rectified before your device is returned to you.      

Huawei P10 Repair Costs Norwich

All Smart Tech Repairs are carried out on site, thereby keep costs to an absolute minimum. Costs include both supply of parts, plus fitting by expert technicians who have considerable experience within the technology, computing and repairs sector.

You’ll find our current prices for Huawei P10 screen repairs listed below. Please note – all repairs come with warranties, detailed under our ‘Warranties’ section.

Huawei P10 Battery Replacement Norwich

Unfortunately, the constant use of any mobile devices will eventually result in a depleted battery life.  As well as this being extremely annoying, it can also lead to disruption in service – sometimes with no advanced warning.

Bring your Huawei P10 device to Smart Tech Repairs and we’ll carry out a full diagnostic check for you. Whether your battery power is beginning to slow down, failing to hold a charge or is just not running to your requirements, we’ll analyse the power issues and provide top quality replacement batteries which are fully compatible with your Huawei P10 device.


Smart Tech Repairs guarantee all parts used are 100 per cent authentic and high performing.  All repairs are carried out by experts in the field of technology and mobile device repairs, and come with warranties of up to 12 months.

Booking a Huawei P10 Repair Norwich

Whether you need a Huawei P10 screen or battery replacement, or indeed any repair or new parts fitted to your device, Smart Tech Repairs are able to help.

Our fully comprehensive service also comes with drop off solutions geared around convenience.

Either bring your Huawei P10 device off to us (address below) and let us repair it whilst you take time to browse Norwich city centre.


Take advantage of our Cringleford or Thorpe St Andrews drop off service.

Alternatively, feel free to use our mail order facility. We’ll diagnose and provide a cost-effective service, keeping you fully informed of both cost and repair times.

Smart Tech Repairs are situated in the heart of Norwich City Centre.  You’ll find us next door to the British Heart Foundation shop directly opposite the Castle Quarter Shopping Centre (Castle Mall).  What could be simpler? 

Do feel free to pop in and discuss any issue with your Huawei device. The Smart Tech Repair technicians are always delighted to offer reliable, cost effective solutions for any Huawei device repair problem, and look forward to being of assistance.    

Huawei P10
Screen Replacement

  • Genuine Huawei Display Assembly ✅
  • 12 Months Warranty ✅
  • Express Repair Service ✅
Huawei Genuine
  • Genuine Huawei Display Assembly ✅
  • 12 Months Warranty ✅
  • Express Repair Service ✅
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